Nunavik – rethinking the basics

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The mirror test for an AI

I had a fascinating dream last night, about DEM. DEM goes meta
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Feeling Fine – Coco

Minority ≠ geography.

the need to separate our protection of minority interests from a strictly geographic definition
example – canadian election, first past the post model, compare bloc vs greens
prop 8 issue – concentration of votes
we encourage regionalism (at the expense of broad national strategies)
what can we do about this?

i realize that states (at least today) have geography by definition – but within a state..?
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Uneasiness and prosperity

1 Can Relieve Pain

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Fragility of human civilization facing social factors of climate change

Reference′s of millions of “climate refugees” stress fracture and break modern social institutions in chaos, macrocosm of New Orleans dealing with the Katrina crisisOur social framework is not robust enoughThis is the real cost of global warmingCould even a true superfederal system be adequate to mitigate?
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Utilizing CBD Oil?
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5 Might Have Neuroprotective Properties

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