The limit of open market economics.

Open market economics cannot be applied to rights: regardless of what we price supply at, demand remains constant (that is, universal). Be it health, education, or security, a minimum and adequate level of the things we consider fundamental rights must thus be provided using non-market means.

How should we reconcile this?

The myth of modern capitalism.

So the economy is officially fracked; that much we agree on.  But as discussions everywhere from coffee shops to global summits turn to how we should “fix the system”, there is a gross error that occurs in much of this public discourse – about what our society is or isn’t.

We are not a capitalist society.  

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Today they suspended democracy in Canada.

Suspended for 7 weeks.  It’s hard to overstate how absurd this is, or how dangerous a precedent it sets.

There are 3 things the Prime Minister (and perhaps the Governor General) seem to have forgotten:

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