An exercise in frustration (Or, ‘We got what we deserve’.)

We had less than 60% voter participation.

Forget for a moment how atrociously the Liberals performed, and how Canada shied away from an opportunity to reassert its leadership on the world stage by finally taking a stand on issues of importance to us.  Forget the profuse bleeding of seats to both the Conservatives and the New Democrats that Dion was ultimately powerless to stanch.

We had less than 60% voter participation.

This is the worst voter turnout in any federal election in Canadian history, and in the midst of the greatest global financial crisis since the Great Depression, the electorate shirked its most critical responsibility.

We have nothing to show for what has just happened.  $300,000,000 later, the Tories upped their seat count a bit, and the Grits will remain the official opposition – albeit in weakened form.  

But it is not a stronger mandate if 10 milion eligible voters did not participate.  We have only ourselves to blame.

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