Identity politics

are identity politics necessary?kpcc conversation about id politics, callers brought up some interesting ideas 

  • e.g. obama/clinton in the US dem race
  • feeling that although race is a factor, obama transcends this
  • does he really?

  • e.g., can we escape id politics?
  • what is obama’s rhetoric and how true is this?

  • we are ready for change
  • we can do better
  •  is this implicitly nationalism? isn’t nationalism a form of id politics?do we always need a “group” to belong to in an us vs. them scenario?maybe id politics is just a way to represent self interestand politics is all about self interest – if not of an individual group, than at least of the political entity itself – the nation stateso if we want to approach superfederalism, we need to attack the identity politics issue – or hope people will be content with “humanity” as their interest group 
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