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The PR of AI.

It’s tough working on a project you can’t share in detail with the people around you. For the DEM project at Elenta, the domain knowledge needed to bring someone up to speed can be (apparently) boring to them (and I, of course, fail to see how this is possible). It also doesn’t make strategic sense to openly discuss the details of everything we’re building at such an early stage of development.

But it’s tough personally. It’s technical and mysterious and consumes a hell of a lot of time, and friends and family are curious about what we’re up to.

It’s also tough for the development itself. When you’re working on something new and untested, soliciting feedback from potential users – especially friends and family whose opinions you trust – is invaluable.

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The American escape to faith

- resurgence/obsession with the supernatural in popular culture- sudden- result of lack of confidence in the mechanisms that otherwise fill this space – science, faith- does this coincide with lack of interest in science?  see ars article, science debate 2008, etc. 

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The Paleofuture

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